Many seniors have been ruthlessly victimized by con artists. Scam Squad aims to educate and empower seniors to protect themselves. We will no longer be treated as victims but instead will learn how to defend ourselves and preserve our personal dignity, financial security and well-being.

If you, or someone you know has been the victim of financial exploitation, call your local District Attorney’s Office or Adult Protective Services.

Join the Scam Squad movement. Learn how to avoid being scammed, and share what you learn with others. Together, we can stop scammers in their tracks! contact

One common scam is scaring people by calling them on the phone and telling them that because they missed jury duty, a warrant for their arrest is being issued. The scammer tells the person that they can avoid being arrested but they need their social security number in order to do so. Don’t fall for this scam! Once the scammer has your social security number, they can steal your identity!

Santa Barbara’s Deputy District Attorney Vicki Johnson warns the community about scam artists who prey on victims of the recent fire by asking for donations to ‘fake’ charities and by going door to door–taking money from people whose homes were damaged in the Thomas Fire, and then vanishing.

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